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DEADLINE : 1st February 2022

Result : 15th February 2022


About John Giorgi.

John Giorgi is a senior attorney with over 22 years of success in commercial and personal injury litigation. He has a solid history of business development experience as well as court room and board room presence, having already conducted numerous trials to jury verdict. John Giorgi is heavily experienced in negotiations and strategy as well as in devising concise roadmaps for successful matters in banking/finance, medical, and legal professionals. He is known for his track record of exceeding expectations and commitment to client success and satisfaction and for having a proven ability to boost productivity and enhance a company’s profile.


About John Giorgi Grant

The John Giorgi Grant is supposed to be a highly prestigious and acclaimed fellowship that is awarded to scholars who have a flawless academic career. This highly-esteemed John Giorgi Grant has been instituted to encourage, support, and motivate students with an excellent academic record. John Giorgi is a distinguished and renowned litigation expert. Giorgi is a man with many feathers in his cap. John is also, a business magnate in his own right. The highly esteemed John Giorgi Grant was introduced to help brilliant but underprivileged students who are presently struggling to cope with the ever-rising cost of education.
John Giorgi has always been empathetic towards the plight of students from the economically unstable background. John understands that higher education in American institutions, colleges, and universities is exorbitantly priced, and it is often beyond the means of students coming from unfortunate and not-so-affluent families. John Giorgi wishes to be a pillar of support for meritorious students inherently equipped with the powers of innovation and creativity and who can introduce path-breaking trends and have the potential to bring about a radical change in the current global scenario. John Giorgi is an authority in jurisprudence. He has won accolades and acclaim as a litigator par excellence thanks to his unwavering determination, dedication, and commitment to goals, aspirations, and vision in life.
John Giorgi is the owner of ‘John Giorgi, P.C.’, a highly-renowned law firm that focuses on banking, insurance litigation, and even real estate transactions. Giorgi is the proud owner and founder of ‘residential real estate development & opportunity fund’ Lunar Investments LLC based in New Jersey.

John Giorgi: A Multi-Faceted & Multi-Talented Personality

The John Giorgi Grant provides tremendous support and encouragement to the most deserving scholar with an impressive academic track record. John Giorgi is a well-known litigation expert and an eminent personality who believes in giving back to the community. John Giorgi Grant is certainly one of the most prestigious and enviable grants that are awarded annually to the most brilliant, talented, and deserving scholar. This grant is a one-time financial aid of $ 1,000 that is non-returnable. The winner of the John Giorgi Grant gets to keep the money. He can spend it for his higher education in whatever way he wants without any intervention or interference. The lucky winner will enjoy full freedom to use the money in whichever way he wishes to. The John-Giorgi Grant is the perfect recipe for inspiration, motivation, and success that helps meritorious students to forge ahead relentlessly on the path to a brilliant career and success.

Result Date

15th Feb 2022


1st February 2022



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An Altruist to the Core

John Giorgi’s mantra for peace of mind and ultimate happiness is giving back to the community and supporting people in distress. John firmly believes that life is far more meaningful if you can contribute to the well-being, and happiness of those around you. He has been providing huge support to the cause of students who are going through a financial crisis and finding it truly challenging to pay for expensive US college education. He has been actively working to help bright and talented students to pursue their dreams of higher education and establish a stable career. Thanks to his exemplary principles and high ideals in life, John Giorgi came up with the Grant which is a gift-money of $1,000 awarded to the most deserving applicant every year.

A Man with Many Feathers in His Cap: A Distinguished Litigator & a Business Tycoon

John Giorgi has been an accomplished senior attorney in personal injury and commercial litigation for more than 22 years. He has a robust and intriguing background in the board room and courtroom presence, and business development experience. John has successfully conducted several jury verdict trials and experienced in strategic planning and negotiations. He has accomplished himself as an incredible strategist by devising precise plans to provide perfect solutions to legal, medical, finance, or banking professionals. He is deeply committed to client success. Moreover, as an entrepreneur of repute, he has a flawless track record of exceeding client expectations and even boosting productivity, and taking an organization to the next level. John Giorgi has a brilliant career and a truly enviable academic record. He achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science & Business from the well-known University of Scranton. John is an MBA from the prestigious Rutgers University. Moreover, he is a Juris Doctorate from the famous University of Dayton. He was previously a Licensed Lender to Florida, Tennessee, and New Jersey Departments of Insurance & Banking. As a reputed personal injury attorney, John Giorgi has been instrumental in helping numerous plaintiffs get the compensation that they rightly deserve. He has been working diligently to preserve the integrity of his clients and protect them from being unfairly victimized by the legal system or companies

The Grant Provider: John Giorgi

The Essay Topic for the Grant: “What has been the hardest personal experience you have had, and what did you learn from it?”

John Giorgi Grant Details

Instruction: You need tofill in all the relevant details. Remember to scrutinize the application so that you can rule out all mistakes. Do not provide any false or inaccurate information. Submit your grant application according to the set deadline. You may attach the original essay while sending the email to qualify for the prestigious John Giorgi Grant winner selection process.


· The John Giorgi grant applicant could be currently a high school senior scholar registered in a recognized and accredited institution, university, or college.

· The candidate could even be a freshman or junior, or sophomore, who is enrolled in a well-known and recognized institution, college, or university.

· The John Giorgi grant applicants must submit the essay to John Giorgi via an email at info@JohnGiorgiGrant.com

John Giorgi Grant Instructions

Deadline: 1st February 2022

Last Date of Submission: 15th February 2022.  

The John Giorgi Grant winner will be informed via an official email and the result will be published on 15th February 2022 at JohnGiorgiGrant.com. Your essay should be submitted via an official email to John Giorgi. 

How to Apply


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John Giorgi Grant Winner to Be Decided After a Stringent Evaluation Process

The lucky winner of this prestigious grant will be decided on two chief parameters merit and performance. The winner will be notified via an official email from John Giorgi. The proud winner of the grant must acknowledge by responding to the email promptly. The gift-money will then be transferred directly to the official bank account of the grant winner. The winner of the highly-acclaimed John Giorgi Grant will be announced on 15th February 2022 at JohnGiorgiGrant.com.