About John Giorgi

John Giorgi is a senior lawyer with more than 22 years of accomplishment in business and individual injury prosecution. He has a strong history of business advancement experience just as court and board room presence, having just directed various preliminaries to jury decision. He is intensely knowledgeable about arrangements and procedure just as in concocting succinct guides for fruitful issues in banking/account, clinical, and legitimate experts. John is known for his history of surpassing assumptions and obligation to customer achievement and fulfillment and for having a demonstrated capacity to help efficiency and improve an organization’s profile.

John Giorgi  holds an MBA from Rutgers University, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Business from the University of Scranton. He was a former Licensed Lender to the States of New Jersey, Florida, and Tennessee Departments of Banking & Insurance.  

John has grown his start-up firm to exceed $3.6M in annual revenue, manage 3,000 active case files, resolve 35+ litigations per month, and originate over 60 files each month. He has appeared successfully before the New Jersey Supreme Court for Casinelli v. Manglapus in a pivotal and controversial personal injury case involving both statutory and case law. Throughout his career, he has closed over 6,000 real estate loans and transactions, including 534 real estate transactions in 2020. 

Currently, he is the founder and owner of Lunar Investments LLC, a New Jersey-based residential real estate development and opportunity fund. He is also the owner of John Giorgi, P.C., a law firm concentrating on insurance litigation, banking, and real estate transactions, through which he’s represented high net worth individual and corporate clients including Wakefern Corporation, Coconuts Music and Video, and Union Hospital. As a personal injury lawyer, John helps plaintiffs receive compensation for their losses, including loss of earning capacity due to inability to work, medical expenses, emotional distress, loss of companionship, and legal costs and attorney fees. He has worked extensively to safeguard his clients from being victimized by companies and the legal system.