Health hacks to combat Covid-19, as illustrated by John Giorgi

Time is precious, and so is health. The spread of COVID-19 has introduced a new normal in the life of people. Individuals all across the world are trying their level best to get accustomed to the changes. John Giorgi says every aspect of human life has undergone significant changes, and health is no exception in this regard. Although it is essential to focus on safety protocols like washing your hands with water and soap, using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, covering your face with a mask when in a public place, and others, physical movement, and diet are also significant. According to John Giorgi, since people remain confined to their four walls. Their health is affected by their interpersonal relationships.

Pay careful attention to the following points to combat Covid-19

Health specialists suggest that paying attention to your diet and nutrition and physical exercise is crucial to maintain good health. Along with physical health, mental wellbeing is equally significant. Keep in mind that Covid-19 has affected not only the physical dimension but also the mental arena. Hence, comprehend the following points in reasonable details

. Include Fiber in diet

People must include high fiber and high protein breakfast to get start; including a half cup of milk, half cup of yogurt, and a half cup of dry rolled oats will give you a daily protein dose. In addition to this, flax seeds and chia seeds, along with dried fruits and protein powder, must be included in the diet. Remember that your biological activities remain altered when you get your protein intake in the right amount.

Take care of your plate

A balanced diet is crucial to take care of your vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, antioxidant requirements. Health professionals suggest that you must include fruits and vegetables in your diet to get vitamins and minerals in the correct proportion. Hence, you must abstain from fried snack items and comprise plenty of green leafy vegetables in your meal. Also, meat and fish, rice and cereal, green leafy vegetables are crucial for giving a boost to your immune system.

Take care of your weight

Along with the diet, you must be cautious of your body proportions. According to your age and profession, you must keep track of the ideal weight. As people are experiencing limitations on their physical movement, their body weight is increasing drastically. It leads to other health hazards and chronic illnesses.

Abstain from using electronic devices

Shut down your computer, smartphones, and TV at least one hour before you go to bed. Keep in mind that you have to give a rest to your mind before you go to sleep.

You must keep in mind to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day to keep your stress and anxiety level is low.

In addition to this, you have to stay away from the temptation to focus on your diet and nutrition. Also, engage in regular physical activities so that you can take care of your weight issues.