John Giorgi shares wellness guidelines to remain healthy during the pandemic phase

John Giorgi says The pandemic outbreak has resulted in mental stress all over the world! This mental stress has been prolonged for a while now, so there have been minor physical discomforts in people. The pandemic outbreak has changed the ordinary course of life. It has made everyone stay at home for a long time, making people feel stagnated and isolated. On the other hand, people also had to withstand professional stress and tension due to the pandemic. Many people lost their job, and others had to witness pay cuts. All these affected the quality of life.

Wellness guidelines

The pandemic outbreak resulted in global stress and anxiety. Hence, people worldwide were falling prey to tension and worry, which resulted in physical discomforts. People must stay active and also agile during any circumstance of life. And also for that, here are a few wellness guidelines by John Giorgi.

1. Reduce stress through deep breathing

Deep breathing is a kind of meditation, and it is effective in reducing stress! You can practice this technique anytime during the day. However, the best time is during the morning as it helps you get set for the day. You can sit in a meditative posture and inhale and exhale in deep breaths. It helps to align your breath with your body and also corrects your breathing technique. When you practice this regularly, you will find a shift in your energy. It will help you relax more and develop a sense of inner calm.

2. Exercise to stay physically agile

Today, we have to stay at home for longer hours than usual! Hence, it takes a toll on our physical bodies. One of the best ways to keep fit is through exercise. Any kind of physical activity is effective in releasing excess toxins from the body and mind. You can follow yoga, Pilates, or aerobics. It’s good to create your physical activity chart and follow it daily in the morning or afternoon. It will help you stay in shape and induce a feel-good factor to remain happy and motivated.

3. Play-time is essential

It is necessary to keep some time apart to indulge in any recreational activity with your family. You can play indoor games as that helps to release tension and anxiety. You can keep a fixed time for that weekly and also ensure that you and your loved ones have a good time.

4. Develop a hobby

Other than taking part in a group activity, it is necessary to have a hobby! You can practice art, craft, glass painting, sing, write poetry, participate in online storytelling sessions, and also many more. When you develop a hobby, you use your free hours to create something productive that motivates you and keeps you inspired. At times, it helps you to connect with like-minded people that will help you to stay positive in life. Life will have testing phases, and it’s essential to stay well during these times. You can opt-in for the guidelines mentioned above for your wellbeing during the pandemic phase.