What Should You Do After Getting Grants Like the John Giorgi Grant?

Most often than not, people talk about writing for grants! However, one doesn’t get to hear much about the things to do after you get a grant. There usually isn’t much information that’s available. It is unfortunate, as all that you do after getting a grant plays a vital role in whether you have the scope to win more grants later in the future John Giorgi.

Things to do after getting grants like the John Giorgi Grant

Once you get the John Giorgi grantor any other, you will have your moments of celebration and joy. After you get done with it, here are few other things to do:

Assess the grant proposal

After getting the grant award, the first thing you should do is assess the grant proposal that you’ve submitted. When you review it, keep in mind two things-they are:

  • The implementation timeline
  • The proposed activities

Why should you do this? Since it usually takes months for the funders to respond to a grant proposal, there might be some changes in your proposal. It’s always better to assess it right at the start.

Thank your funder

Now that you are all equipped to touch base with the funder, you can express your gratitude. And there are many ways in which you can thank the funders. The best way is to start with a phone call.

Expressing thanks to the funder over a call has several benefits. First, it can add a personal touch and make the funder feel appreciated. Second, when you call, it provides the scope to discuss any changes you might require. And finally, you have the chance to check the funder’s public acknowledgment requirement and preferences as you are on the phone. Some funders prefer if you express gratitude publicly. Others might have their chosen acknowledgment requirements. Few funders don’t want any public notice.

After your call, you can also share a handwritten thank you card or letter. And after that, you can go ahead and thank your funder in a newspaper announcement, social media, and through other mediums, like a local news interview.

Inform the partners

This step applies when you have submitted your grant proposal as a collaborative effort with any other agency or partners who promised support upon receiving the grant. You might want to inform the agencies that had submitted support letters on your behalf.

If you decide to work with your partners to execute the grant activities, you need to finalize the details of the collaboration and allied contracts.

Plan for the execution

If the John Giorgi grantor any other you received is funding an expanded or new program, you have to plan for the execution. There isn’t any single process for planning. The planning process will ultimately depend on the partner associations, organization size, and the requirements and size of the grants. You have to ensure that you add each person who required visibility on grant awards and the needs. It usually comprises the managers, service/program staff, finance staff, partner agency staff, and human resources.

These are a few things that you should do after you have received a grant.